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miscellaneous Live Strong
I haven’t had a cigarette for 56 hours (give or take the odd minute), that’s roughly just over two days. I think this is the longest I’ve gone without a cigarette since I was about 17 years old. To get here I’ve twice read (probably three times actually) Allen Carr’s ‘Easyway To Stop Smoking’ book. The first time I tried was in February, I think, where I lasted less than a day, about a month ago I lasted (no prizes for guessing) less than a day, and around a fortnight ago I managed about a day and a half. So this, at the moment, is some sort of record. Is it easy? Is it bugger, but it’s also not that hard. Why do I want to give up? Well, other than the flaming obvious stuff about not wanting to die painfully and prematurely, I’m in a relationship I adore and want to enjoy for as long as I can, I’d quite like kids (smoking doesn’t do much good for your sperm), and I was also piss tired of merrily chucking five sheets up the wall each time I used to buy a packet of cancer sticks that were only killing me slowly – I could actually start to feel myself getting tired of/filled with these things.
08 September 2005
by Gary
entertainment Last Night’s Telly
I used to, in a rather sneering and condescending journalistic way, look down on the daily TV reviews in newspapers. I just thought it was like money for old rope. Watch the box the night before, write about 500 words on a few programmes that you liked and that’s that, what a gig.
02 August 2005
by Gary
miscellaneous Is She Really Going Out With Him?
Lately I have found myself unnaturally curious to try and understand what it is about Pete Doherty; the wiry, snaggle-toothed, apparently self-confessed former rent boy with a penchant for ingesting crack, that has captured the heart and soul of millionaire supermodel and long time epitome of British style and cool, Kate Moss.
27 July 2005
by Disney Girl
miscellaneous Mourn Day Thursday
This time last Thursday I was eating my lunch at work (hastily ordered and delivered pizzas because we weren’t allowed to leave the building) and watching the terrible events unfold on TV as London reeled from four separate terrorist blasts – three on the underground and one that decapitated a bus. This week I find myself in the same spot but of a vastly different mind set, watching the Open Golf, having only hours ago joined countless people from across the capital (and beyond) standing outside for a two minutes silence to remember the dead - and as a symbolic act of defiance against those that perpetrated such atrocities.
14 July 2005
by Gary
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